You are thrown into the magical and colorful world of the Kool-Aid Kingdom. You must navigate the world, collecting packets of various Kool-Aid's and transport said packets to the great King Kool-Aid. You will experience wonderful colors and a kingdom made of hidden walls and invisible pathways leading you to the sweet look of Kool-aid packets. King Kool-aid wants all the Kool-aid you can find, so be on the lookout for any packets that are hidden or are hard to reach. Grab an ice cold glass of your favorite Kool-aid and get comfy while you play this visually stunning adventure tale.

I had the initial idea out of my love for Kool-aid, and the execution stemmed from the concept of the Mario Kingdom/universe, but instead of an evil turtle at the end, a nice Kool-aid king is waiting on you

My favorite thing I learned was how to setup variable/consequence specific actions by implementing the dialogue on the king in the end. I thought it was pretty cool and pretty much resembled straightforward coding in my opinion.

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